Smart Building Consultancy Services

With over 10 years experience working in Smart Building environments from design to implementation, and subsequent development of real estate data analytic services, Novocertus can provide data driven engineering support services in  the following areas

  • Project management of Smart Building retrofits including defining and implementing data integration architecture
  • Assistance in development of LEED and BREAM building certification readiness programs
  • ” Behind the Meter” Energy Assessments
  • Nonobtrusive  Boiler Analytics Assessments of Heating Estates
  • Data Driven Chiller/Refrigeration System Performance Assessments
  • Provide Energy Saving Opportunity Identification and Project Management services
  • Provide M&V business case services reports for energy and water related building upgrade projects
  • Provide Building Constant Commissioning reporting services through the implementation of a web based rule based analytics engine