The energy awareness and forensics services company working to provide trusted independent advice to deliver real energy cost savings for you.

What Makes Us Different

Todays urgent call to action for everyone to make positive changes in their lives for climate good, has created what is being called the Green Tech gold rush. Green washing practice has become widespread as companies attempt to exploit the push to a more sustainable world. And this has never been more apparent than when it comes to companies that claim to significantly help you save energy, and money by investing in their product or service.
But, who and what can you really trust, what is the best solution for you, and who is actually looking out for you the customer? 
Or, are you a  progressive company with an energy challenge or looking to gain a deeper understanding of energy usage to help you achieve your sustainability goals? 
And because data never lies, Novocertus provides a full range of truly independent data driven energy awareness services from simple Domestic energy assessments, right through to Commercial deep dive energy forensics that help to pinpoint your energy usage darkspots. Overall it is hoped, that this greater understanding obtained through the provisioning of  such services will lead you to achieving greater energy efficiency, as well as helping you to make better and more informed future investment decisions, for your home or business.

Domestic & Small Business Services

This is a service aimed at domestic and small businesses spending LESS THAN  €10,000 a year on their energy bills, providing useful  feedback on their energy usage behaviour and advice on energy contract suitability and best dwelling retrofit investment calls.



Commercial Energy Analytic Services

These are a suite of services aimed at commercial businesses spending MORE THAN  €10,000 a year on their  energy bills ranging from  independent formal energy assessments through to deep dive foresnsic studies  on their energy usage in a specific area or process. 

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