Company overview

Company overview

Novocertus is a data-driven consultancy services business that has the expertise and proprietary toolkit that, when applied to a client’s energy asset data set, can deliver real savings quickly and without the need for any capital investment, unlike many of its competitors.

Follow-on support through its “Energy Analytics as a Service” solution, uses emerging Internet of Things (IoT), easy to deploy sensor technology – coupled with a clients existing data – to provide an ongoing, proprietary energy analytics service. Although this offering can allow for continued regular reporting, it is best configured to alert customers only when a significant negative change or drift is determined in critical energy usage areas. This package can, therefore, ensure peace of mind, knowing that those hard earned energy savings are being maintained over the longer term.

By extension, Novocertus also offers carbon reporting services built on these real-time energy performance metrics, to assist businesses with the automation of their ongoing regulatory obligations in this area.

We strive to be authentic in our dealings with all customers big and small…

Company Mission

Novocertus’s objective is to be a market leader in energy awareness and forensics services, providing clients with a better understanding of energy usage in their environments.  

From simple easy-to-read awareness reporting for the domestic customer, to  the deep-dive forensics level audit for the industrial and commercial sectors, we hope to supply the insights that allow our clients to effectively optimise their energy use. 

We will strive to be authentic and forthright in our dealings with all our customers, big and small, and to leave no stone unturned in our bid to support and solve their energy issues.

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