About Niall Brady

Niall Brady, principal consultant with Novocertus Limited, has worked as an Electrical Engineer for nearly 35 years, and has held a variety of lead engineer and management roles in both the  multinational and hi-tech manufacturing startup sectors. 

For the last 15 years, he has focused on developing sustainable solutions in energy and water, and on helping businesses to get a better understanding of their usage of these resources. He was the driving force behind the build-out of Ireland’s first Living Lab Smart Building, part of the IBM Research Labs (Dublin) campus, in 2011. For the first time, this highly instrumented building allowed for the integration, testing and validation of many of the emerging Green Technologies.

It was during this period in particular that he amassed a significant data analytical toolkit and patent portfolio, which allows for quick and effective detection of leaks and energy wastage in a process or business, and across a multitude of different industrial sectors.

Brady considers the evolution of Data Science and the availability of Internet of Things enabled metering and sensors as game changers and it is these emerging skills, tools and expertise that he now enthusiastically brings to Novocertus. 

He also holds a Masters in Statistics and Reliability and is a LEAN Sigma Black Belt, skills which run complimentary to his lifetime’s energy conservation mission and passion.



Company Credentials

  • 20 years LEAN 6 sigma practitioner and Black Belt
  • 15 years energy auditing experience
  • Certified Energy Auditor accredited to Association Energy Engineer (AEE)
  • BER Assessor Trained
  • 10 years Big Data Scientist working in Energy Analytics Research
  • 10+ Patents in Energy Analytics Related Domain
  • Use of a Comprehensive and Powerful Industry Specific Energy Analytic Toolkit developed over the last 8 years

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