Energy Forensics Services

The Energy Forensics service offer clients the opportunity to deep dive into a specific area of energy usage challenge or one needing additional focus.
This offering, enabled through the unique and patent pending developed Energy-Analytics-as-a-Service (EAaaS) technology, operating in this simple drop in Forensics Mode, can very quickly provide clients with a heightened level of understanding of energy usage in that targeted space or process.
Follow on Energy-Analytics-as-a-Service operating in Constant Commissioning Mode can further provide clients with additional continued validation of system or process performance with automatic notification of any system deviation over time.

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EAaaS Value Proposition
1.       Solution* SIMPLE and Easy to Deploy
2.       LOW COST Low Risk Investment – monthly subscription based pay for what you need, or for however long you need it
3.       WORKS WITH ALL technologies – removes all of the systems integration concerns => Very Quick Time to Value
4.       FLEXIBLE – can add/modify sensor array coverage with little or no effort or disruption

*Cloud based service providing tailored energy usage reports 

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